Strathclyde Pharmaceuticals is more than a wholesaler to community pharmacies.  It is a leading Scottish company that operates on a pan European level to source a large assortment of branded pharmaceuticals, which it is then able to offer at competitive prices to the retail pharmaceutical community. To enable this activity, Strathclyde Pharmaceuticals holds many licenses in import, repack, store and distribute these products.

Many years ago we introduced parallel imported pharmaceutical products not only to the Scottish market, but throughout all of the UK. We have over many years taken a leading role in championing the legal framework for parallel trade both at European level and at national level. Strathclyde Pharmaceuticals have been a member of the British Association of European Parallel Distributors (BAEPD) for many years, and has fought to maintain the free movement of pharmaceuticals.  This allows us to offer pharmacies good availability and competitive prices for those branded pharmaceuticals that are in demand.

Strathclyde Pharmaceuticals compliments these Parallel Imported products with a full range of Generics.  These are distributed to pharmacies and wholesalers within the UK either via same day (Scotland) or next day delivery (other parts of the UK). 

The Munro Healthcare Group

SPL is the UK wholesaling business of Munro Healthcare Limited,  a pharmaceuticals wholesaler, importer, exporter and manufacturing assembly company based in East Kilbride. Munro has also majority interests in business in Sweden, Portugal, France, Romania and another trading business in Worthing on the south coast of England. 



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We are licensed to repack thousands of pharmaceuticals from a range of European countries and whilst the majority of product is repacked for sales to our own customers. We also repack for some of our partners within Europe.

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